Valentines at Lake District Oct 21 Valentines at Lake District

Valentines at Lake District Oct 21 Valentines at Lake District

A mini getaway for Valentines and we chose to visit the scenic and relaxing Lake District. Lake District is England’s hidden treasure located in the North West. Most famous for its lakes, mountains and forests, it is considered one of the popular destinations for holidays.

Prior to this, I had never been to Lake District and I had heard so many good things about this place that I made sure that it was jotted down in my places to visit list.

We found this amazing deal on Secrets Escape for 2 nights at Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa in which the dinner on the first night was included and we had a free 3 hour Thermal Journey at their spa. Yessurrr there has to be a spa!

Everything about this place had my heart, from the small town centre to that amazing lake and mountain view from practically anywhere you are in the region. We drove just over 3 hours to get to there and the views on the way there were breathtaking. Honestly I highly recommend driving to this place no matter how long it takes you it is totally worth it!

Because we visited in February the weather was quite chilly but that didn’t stop us from exploring! I even dragged my husband to Lakeland, their flagship store and he wasn’t too impressed (obviously) but I loved it! We went to Bowness Pier in the area where we walked and came across a full force of ducks and swans and it was just so relaxing.

That evening, we ate at Blue Smoke on the Bay (one of the two restaurants at the hotel) and the food was delicious mon ami! But what we enjoyed the most was the Apricot Frangipane tart and I just had to make some once I was back home!

The next morning we hired a small boat for an hour and the water was just serene and the views we got to see cannot even be described. It’s like this World has some hidden treasures and this place was definitely one of the many.

Another thing we made the most of was the spa at the hotel, the three hour thermal journey was insane! At first I thought three hours was a lot of time for a jacuzzi, different steam rooms and sauna but time flew by!

We even booked a couples massage and honestly the spa at the hotel was very thoughtfully set up and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

We felt like having some Thai food and we found there were many in the area but we chose to go to Doi Intanon in Ambleside and honestly the food was soooo yummy! Definitely no regrets.

Before we headed back home, the next morning we went to The Cornish Bakery for some breakfast. Uhh I tell ya I must have gained a good few pounds in just two days from all the food we ate! I still have no regrets though because everything was so tasty.

I didn’t really want this trip to end, in fact I was making plans to relocate to this beautiful place before my husband snapped me out from my day dreaming and drove us back to the city life. Definitely considering retiring there though!

Lake District is a beautiful place to visit with your family or with just your partner, there’s a lot to do here especially during summer when the water sports are available. It really calmed me down, one reason why I love traveling is that it literally cleanses my soul!

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