5 Reasons You Should Apply For a Covid Recovery Certificate

5 Reasons You Should Apply For a Covid Recovery Certificate

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 6 months, you can get a Covid Recovery Certificate. This is a certificate signed by a medical professional to show that you have recovered from the virus and developed a natural immunity to it. In many cases, this can be used to travel and gain entry to many countries.

Read on to learn more about how Covid recovery certificates work and the 5 reasons why you should apply for one.


1. You can travel to many countries without being vaccinated

vial of covid vaccine

Most countries still have restrictions on travel in order to stop Covid spreading. Usually, they require vaccinations or negative tests prior to travelling. However, if you have recently had Covid, your test can still show up positive, even after you have recovered. That is why many countries will accept a Covid recovery certificate instead.

After recovering from Covid-19, your body develops a natural immunity that stops you from contracting and spreading the virus. As such, you will still be allowed to travel to many countries without a vaccine provided that you have a valid certificate proving that you have recently recovered. 

Countries that will currently allow you to travel with a recovery certificate are: 

– Antigua

– Argentina

– Australia

– Bahamas

– Bangladesh

– Barbados

– Chile

– Columbia

– Dominican Republic

– Ecuador 

– Egypt

– EU countries

– Fiji

– Guatemala

– Hong Kong

– Honduras

– Jamaica

– Japan

– Kenya

– Kuwait

– Malaysia

– Maldives

– Mongolia

– New Zealand

– Philippines

– Qatar

– Sri Lanka

– Trinidad

– Uruguay


This list is correct on the date of publication but may be subject to change over time as Covid-19 travel rules change. Before travelling, you should always check the latest travel guidelines and restrictions for your destination.

People assume that Covid-19 travelling requires vaccinations but that is not always the case if you have a recovery certificate.


2. It is a fast process

The process of getting your Covid Recovery Certificate is quick and easy. First, you need to send us proof of a positive Covid test. This can be in the form of a screenshot, PDF, or photo of the test results. The test must not have been taken in the last 10 days. This must also be proof of a test that has been assessed by the NHS or another certified body. You are not able to use a rapid antigen test that you have done at home to prove your result. 

Once we have the necessary proof of your positive test result, you just need to fill out a simple form. The form asks for details about your recovery and whether you have any symptoms, so we can check that you are fully recovered. When the form has been checked and your application is signed off, you will get your digital certificate sent to you in 24 hours. If you are using the certificate for travel, you can include your passport number too.

The whole process is much easier and more convenient than taking a test and waiting for the results, and you will be able to travel just as freely.


3. Covid Recovery Certificates are signed by GMC registered doctors

Airlines and customs officers will not simply take your word for it that you have recovered from Covid and you are naturally immune. You need proof that is backed up by qualified medical professionals, and that is exactly what you get with a Covid Recovery Certificate. 

When you send your test result and fill out the form about your recovery, it will then be assessed by a GMC registered doctor, who signs the certificate. Having this guarantee from a doctor tells customs officers that although you may still test positive because you have recently had the virus, you are in fact safe to travel and you are very unlikely to catch or transmit Covid-19. 


4. If you’ve had COVID-19 in the last 6 months, you are eligible for the certificate

The natural immunity from Covid-19 varies depending on the person, but most people will have immunity for months, at least, if not longer. If you take a Covid test after recovering, it is possible for it to show up positive for 90 days or more, even if you no longer have the symptoms and you are no longer transmitting the virus to others.

As a result, you are eligible for a Covid recovery certificate if you have had Covid in the last 6 months. In fact, if you have recovered from Covid in the last 6 months and you are planning to travel, a recovery certificate is your best option. If you take a test and it comes back negative, you will not be allowed to travel. You don’t run this risk if you simply apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate instead.

Having travel vaccines will allow you entry into a lot of countries, but many still require tests or recovery certificates as well. Of all of the options, a Covid recovery certificate is the easiest and most reliable option.


5. The entire application process is online

woman applying for covid recovery certificate

Travel is more complicated than ever due to the Covid restrictions that most countries have in place. Taking a test prior to travelling requires you to visit the test centre and then wait for your results, sometimes for days.

Applying for a Covid Recovery Certificate, on the other hand, is a much easier process. The entire application process is online and you can send proof of your positive test in digital form. You will then receive your certificate in digital form too, ready to show at the airport. So, when you are already dealing with the other travel arrangements you have to make, you don’t have any added stress.


Apply for a Covid Recovery Certificate today

If you have travel plans in the near future, apply for a Covid recovery certificate today. It’s the easiest way to gain entry into many countries around the world, and the whole process is quick and easy. Get in touch and we will answer any questions you may have and get the ball rolling. You will be ready to travel in no time!

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