4 Reasons You Need A Private Vitamin Blood Profile Test

4 Reasons You Need A Private Vitamin Blood Profile Test

A vitamin blood profile test checks the levels of your body’s essential vitamins by analysing three biomarkers: vitamin D, vitamin B12, and folate (vitamin B9). It is important to measure these levels so that you’re able to detect any vitamin deficiencies. 

Any number of problems within your body and mind could be the result of at least one vitamin deficiency. For example, a lack of vitamin B12 can cause headaches or extreme tiredness, and a lack of vitamin D can lead to bone issues. Additionally, being aware of your vitamin intake during pregnancy is particularly important, because certain deficiencies, such as a lack of folate, can cause birth defects. 

On a whole, if our bodies aren’t getting the right amount of vitamins, then this can affect our mood by lowering our energy levels which can lead to us feeling down.

Below, we have delved a little further into why having a private blood test to check for any vitamin deficiencies is so important. A lack of certain vitamins can result in serious health issues so it helps to detect these deficiencies as early as possible.


Why should I have a vitamin blood profile test? 


private vitamin profile test


1. Vitamins improve quality of life 

By having a vitamin blood profile test you’re able to discover which vitamins you are lacking in. Once you know the deficient areas, you can adjust your eating habits along with altering other day-to-day habits, which will help to improve your quality of life. 

If tiredness is affecting your lifestyle, then it could be that your vitamin B levels are low.  With the knowledge gained from having a vitamin blood profile test, you’d be able to measure your vitamin B levels, then adjust your lifestyle accordingly. You could eat more foods that contain vitamin B, such as meat, dairy products, eggs, leafy greens, or you may choose to start consuming a vitamin B supplement. 

It could take as little as one month before you’d start to feel the benefits of having higher vitamin B levels, and with this increase, your energy levels would rise also, boosting your mood and your motivation to exercise. This positive knock-on effect would dramatically improve your lifestyle.


2. Helps to prevent serious diseases

Another reason, and probably the main reason, for having a vitamin blood profile test is to help prevent serious diseases. If certain vitamin levels are extremely low in your body, then eventually this can lead to health problems. If you can spot your vitamin deficiencies early on, then a change of eating habits and lifestyle can help to reduce the risk of certain diseases.

It has been recognised by health professionals that a vitamin D deficiency can lead to heart failure, or a lack of vitamin D can limit the chances of recovery after suffering from any heart problems. 

It shouldn’t take long to improve your vitamin D levels; more exposure to sunlight, and eating fatty fish and mushrooms are a great way to boost your vitamin D levels.

A lack of folate (vitamin B12) can cause nausea, numb limbs, tiredness, or depression. Another serious condition that could be identified through a lack of vitamin B12 is pernicious anaemia. This autoimmune condition–where your immune system starts attacking your body’s healthy cells–can lead to permanent damage to your nervous system.

To increase your intake of folate, eat more beans, nuts, sunflower seeds, fruit, and green vegetables, such as Brussel sprouts, spinach, and broccoli.


3. Increased convenience

It’s very easy to order a vitamin blood profile test from The Travel Health Clinic, and with next day tracked delivery (£5.99) you can be confident of a quick arrival. Then, once the vitamin blood profile test has been delivered, you can do the test in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Carefully follow the instructions provided within your vitamin blood profile test box before doing the test.


4. Get results fast

Having a private vitamin blood profile test can see your results returned fast, even within one day of sending off your blood sample. This quick turnaround will help you to understand any deficiencies almost immediately which means you’ll be able to start correcting your vitamin levels straight away by adjusting your diet and/or lifestyle habits.

We hope that you now feel a little more informed about private vitamin blood profile tests and why they’re so important to have. Not only can you improve your mood and increase your energy by measuring your vitamin levels, but, additionally, any ailments can be understood and treated, and many diseases can be prevented. 

If you have any questions regarding having a vitamin blood test, then please contact us, and we’d be happy to assist.


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