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5 Things You Need To Know About Covid Before Travelling

The Covid travel restrictions are constantly changing and even though they are not as strict as before, there are still some rules in place. Many travellers, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, are unclear about where they can travel, whether they need tests or specific documentation, and if there are different rules for adults and children. This

5 Reasons You Should Apply For a Covid Recovery Certificate

If you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 6 months, you can get a Covid Recovery Certificate. This is a certificate signed by a medical professional to show that you have recovered from the virus and developed a natural immunity to it. In many cases, this can be used to travel and gain

Need COVID19 PCR Testing in Coventry?

Jet off with reliable COVID19 PCR Testing in Coventry   COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the way that we live and the way that we travel. 2020 brought the travel industry to a massive halt, with millions of people worldwide having to cancel their travel plans. Almost a year later and things are

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