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Tiredness and Fatigue

Tiredness and Fatigue

Fatigue and tiredness is common and there are many potential causes such as:

  • – lack of sleep,
  • – medical conditions,
  • – medications,
  • – poor diet,
  • – lack of exercise,
  • – stress,
  • – aging

If you are experiencing persistent fatigue or tiredness it’s important to speak with a healthcare provider and get tested.

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The tiredness and fatigue test at Crest Pharmacy is designed to discover clues in your blood as to why you may be feeling unusually tired or fatigued. It will give you information on a number of the common things that doctors look for in blood tests that may give physical reasons for tiredness. It includes tests for vitamin D, inflammation, iron levels including ferritin and thyroid function tests.

You can get tested in our clinic, or order one of our home test kits to test at home at your own convenience.

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