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General Health Profile

General Health Profile

A General Health Profile, also known as a General Health Check-up, can give you peace of mind about your current state of well-being, and can identify any potential health problems that need addressing. It can also provide an opportunity for preventative care, such as vaccinations, screenings and counselling on health habits, and can help identify risk factors for certain diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

This test provides you with a comprehensive check-up of your general health including your liver & kidney function, bone health, iron levels and a full cholesterol profile. This profile helps you to proactively manage your health and identify/monitor many underlying or pre-existing conditions.

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About the test

Analysis of 27 essential biomarkers including:

Liver function / Kidney function / Iron levels / Muscle and Bone / Cholesterol profile / Diabetes (HbA1c)

You can either get tested in our clinic, or order a home test kit and test yourself at your own convenience.

Once you book an appointment with Crest Pharmacy, our trained phlebotomist will take your blood sample at your chosen clinic.