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5 Things You Should Know about the Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow fever is an illness found in areas of Africa, Central and South America and Trinidad, one of the Caribbean islands. Whilst it is not natively found in the UK, it is important to get the yellow fever vaccine if you are travelling to a country where yellow fever is found. There are numerous facts

Everything You Need To Know About Rabies

Rabies is an extremely harmful viral disease that affects the brain and nervous system.  The virus usually spreads to a person through the saliva of an infected animal. For example, when an infected animal bites a person, breaking their skin, then this can allow the disease to be transmitted.  Another way the disease can be

5 Things To Consider About The Malaria Vaccine Before Travelling

Malaria is a disease that can cause the infected to suffer with flu-like symptoms and high fevers. If the infected person doesn’t receive prompt treatment, then the disease may cause seizures and the failure of organs which can result in death. A person catches malaria when a mosquito feeds on them after it’s been infected

The Polio Vaccine: 5 Reasons to Get One Before Travelling

Poliomyelitis (generally known as polio) is a virus that enters the body through the mouth or nose. It is often spread through contaminated water and food, or by poor handwashing after having contact with infected faeces. Once it’s entered the body, polio develops in the throat and bowels and can then spread through the bloodstream

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