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5 Ways a General Profile Blood Test Can Help You

Medical checks and tests for our health need to be conducted in a healthcare setting, such as x-rays or CT scans, but some can also be done at home. There are a range of these tests that people can use to discover underlying conditions or other health concerns, and each style of biomarker testing is

Back to School: How to Treat Head Lice

The kids are going back to school, which means back to early mornings and bickering over where their shoes were left. Unfortunately, it also means the return of head lice. Most common in January when the children return to school, head lice spread through schools due to everyone being close together and the increased socialisation

Everything You Need to Know About Polio

Polio was a lot more common in the past, but after the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was launched in 1988, the number of cases decreased. In 2003, it was eradicated in Europe, though there are still areas of the world where it is prevalent. However, a type of poliovirus has been found 114 times in

Cold and Flu Tablets You Need This Winter

The colder months are here, meaning it’s time to reach for thick coats and gloves. Unfortunately, it also means winter illness is becoming increasingly common, including cold and flu. These conditions can impact anyone, but they are more likely to affect people with a weakened immune system. You can find out about the quality of

Everything You Need To Know About Strep A

As of 7th December 2022, at least 15 children in the UK have died from a Strep A infection amid the rise in cases. The recent outbreak has also caused a surge in Scarlet Fever with 851 reported cases so far, which is a drastic amount compared to last year’s 186 cases.  But what exactly

5 Illnesses to Look Out for This Winter

We all know that people feel sick and tired in January, and it isn’t always related to the post-Christmas blues. Each season has its own range of illnesses that arise during that time, and the colder months are no exception. Winter viruses are common around this time of year, and various illnesses caused by cold

How to Improve Your Immune System This Winter

Flu season is arriving, and as the weather gets colder and wetter, more people are feeling run down. Whether it be from colds, coughs or the flu, the immune system is struggling to fight off infections and people are becoming ill. However, there are ways in which the immune system can be improved during the

5 Things You Should Know about the Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow fever is an illness found in areas of Africa, Central and South America and Trinidad, one of the Caribbean islands. Whilst it is not natively found in the UK, it is important to get the yellow fever vaccine if you are travelling to a country where yellow fever is found. There are numerous facts

How To Treat Internal And External Thrush In Women

Thrush is an infection that can affect both women and men. It occurs when there’s a buildup of yeast, which is a type of fungus that is naturally found in our bodies.  Yeast plays an important function in the human digestive system since it provides a healthy mix of bacteria, helping us to absorb nutrients. 

What Is Japanese Encephalitis? 5 Things You Should Know

Japanese encephalitis is a type of flavivirus that is spread to a person through a mosquito bite.  A flavivirus does not have a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) structure, but instead, has an RNA (ribonucleic acid) structure. Japanese encephalitis is closely related to yellow fever, which is also known as a flavivirus. It is given this name

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