Acute or bacterial

Sinusitis is a common condition characterised by the inflammation of the sinuses, typically resulting from an infection. This inflammation can lead to various symptoms that affect the head and face.

Symptoms of Sinusitis

Acute or bacterial

Some of the common symptoms of sinusitis include:

These symptoms can vary in intensity and duration, and individuals experiencing them should seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

When it comes to treatment, there are options available to alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis. For adults over the age of 12, steroid nasal sprays can be recommended to reduce inflammation and relieve congestion. In more severe cases, a course of antibiotics may be prescribed to address the underlying bacterial infection. It's important for individuals to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate and effective treatment plan based on the specific nature of their sinusitis.

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In conclusion, sinusitis is a condition that can cause discomfort and impact daily life due to its range of symptoms. Prompt medical attention and the right treatment approach, such as steroid nasal sprays or antibiotics, can help manage and alleviate these symptoms, promoting a faster recovery and improved quality of life for those affected by sinusitis.

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